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Take a trip down into the Paris Metro with me and
experience a world of inspiration.

Art Prints

All my Art Prints are made of photos taken in Paris during the years 2010 to 2022. Have a look. Put in your basket. Bring a Paris Art Print into your home.

Paris Metro

The Posterman

The Underground Poster Man at work. The Photos are taken at the station Iéna (Line 9) on my way to MAM (Musée d’Art Moderne); The National Museum of Modern Art.


IT STARTED many years ago. In Paris. In the Metro. If you are really lucky, one day you will stumble upon the Underground Poster Man. He is the guy that tears down the old Advertising Posters and change to new ones. They are all glued by hand. In between this time you have some minutes in Wonderland. At least for me, who are deeply into Graphic Design and Photography. But soon it will all be gone. More and more posters are digital these days and this Magic World will dissapear. Well – I have maybe taken some 10.000 photos of details from these torn posters so I have some material at hand.


Paris Metro


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